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What is YMCA Camp Wabansi?
YMCA Camp Wabansi is a nationally accredited summer day camp that is owned and operated by the YMCA of Greater Green Bay.  Summer Day Camps through the YMCA are an outstanding way to keep your child active and engaged throughout their summer break from school.  Our staff focus on empowering youth with the core values of the YMCA; caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Where is YMCA Camp Wabansi?
Camp Wabansi is located in Brussels, Wisconsin.  It is 26 miles north from Green Bay and every day our busses provide transportation for campers from several drop off locations in Green Bay.  That’s just far enough to feel like an adventure every morning.

Does it have a natural setting?
Camp Wabansi’s property has many amazing environments for kids to explore.  We have hardwood forest, green grassy fields, a cool swamp, and a beautiful beach waterfront opening up to Lake Michigan.  Our staff guide campers in their exploration of these environments and teach campers super fun ways to engage nature.

What sort of facilities does it have?
Camp Wabansi has several large buildings and activity centers.  Additionally, the pavilion in the center of camp serves as the hub of camp life during the day.  Modern restrooms are located in the activity center and bathhouse.  Wabansi has several sleeping cabins on the property.  Our medical center and office are located in a charming Door County cottage on the south end of the camp.  On the far north end of the property, we have a house for the director and a maintenance shop. 

What sort of activities are there?
This is where the magic happens!  YMCA Camp Wabansi is packed with awesome activities for kids to do during the day.  Here is a list of just a few of the cool things your camper can do:

-       Kayaking
-       Swimming
-       Arts and Crafts
-       Archery
-       Big Team Games
-       Biking

That’s just a few.  Each activity is taught and supervised by our trained staff.  Our program is developed to be progressive, not just experiential.  On the first day campers are encouraged to try a wide variety of programs.  During the rest of the week campers can focus on their special interests and progress through focused challenges associated with their favorite activities.  For example, a camper on their first day might discover they love archery.  Throughout the week, they can work attend Archery in their Choice Activity selection.

Additionally, each week has a special theme that has fun and unique activities associated with it.  Our camp staff are amazingly creative and come up with awesome games and skits each week that blow traditional day camp activities out of the water.  This summer your camper will never run out of new things to do and our staff will make each moment exceptional.

What is the Multi-Week Discount?
Your first week at Wabansi is full price, all weeks you register for after that are discounted 20%.  Our registration system will not automatically apply a discount to your session.  To take advantage of the multi-week discount of 20% please register for all the weeks you would like to attend and only pay the deposit.  This will secure your registration.  Please call our office and our business manager will apply the discounts to your sessions.  Discounts flow in the chronological order of the program schedule.  For example, if you registered for Week 5 Traditional Day Camp and Week 3 Survivor Specialty Camp you would receive the discount on Week 5.  If you registered for Week 2 Traditional Day Camp, Week 3 Survivor Specialty Camp.  It's a sweet deal!

What’s next?
Now that you have a sense of what YMCA Camp Wabansi is all about take some time to explore the various programs available for your youth on this site.  Feel free to contact us any time if you have a question.

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