COVID Information


Covid Guidelines 2021

The safety of your camper and your family is our number one priority. The quality of your camper’s experience is our second. We believe that we can provide a meaningful summer camp experience for your camper’s while taking every reasonable precaution to minimize the possibility of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. While Camp Wabansi has always employed best practices for hygiene, health, and sanitation we will be implementing some additional practices for the maximum protection of your camper(s), your family, and our staff. According to the YMCA policies unvaccinated adults and children are to wear a mask while indoors if for longer than 15 minutes.  Most of the activities at Camp Wabansi are outside as often as possible with the exception of the bus rides.  The COVID pandemic is an ever changing situation. We will adjust precautions as prudent and directed by the guidance of the CDC and local health department. Please refer to our website for our most current information regarding the virus and safety at camp.